School of Computer Studies

Welcome to our school of computer studies department. The department is guided by our commitment to our college’s mission statement. We offer globally competitive courses which help our students compete internationally. We don’t only offer the curriculum requirements but we go out of our way to train our students the current technology due to the fact that ICT is a dynamic field which changes after a very short period. This makes our students to always be up to date with the current technological trends. I look forward to seeing you in our department.

School of Engineering

Welcome to the school of Engineering at Mahanaim Educational Institute. Engineering is one of the most in demand courses in middle income economies like Kenya. In line with the country’s vision 2030 engineers and technologists are at the center of innovating systems to meet the requirements of our ever changing technological environment. Our school of Engineering offers a really world experience to our students through integration of quality training with our spiritual foundation.
We offer Artisan, Craft Certificate and Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. The program strives to maintain a balance between classroom lectures and laboratory and design experience, and it emphasizes the problem formulation, system-design, and solving skills that are essential to any engineering discipline. Our state of the art, well equipped modern laboratories is a true testimony that the sky is the lower limit in our training. Our students can also access high speed internet in our computer labs to stay abreast with issues affecting their fields of study as well as complementing their research work. Our staff is a team of highly qualified and committed lecturers working closely with students and stakeholders guaranteeing uttermost standards in Engineering Education. Our graduates are always prepared to undertake careers and professional practices that provide an opportunity to address the pressing technological needs in their society. Students are as well exposed to world class opportunities where they have a chance to have their industrial attachments and internships in our affiliate companies in Kenya as well as international companies in different parts of the world. They also have a chance to join in exchange programmes with the Engineering Universities and Colleges in the same regions.
The program also strives to develop in each student; self-reliance, innovation, teamwork ability, professional integrity, communication skills and an appreciation of the importance of emerging contemporary issues and lifelong intellectual growth. For interested students, there are opportunities to build solutions and showcase them to potential investors through our various partnership projects.
Our courses are regulated by TVETA and examined by KNEC.

School of Tourism and Hospitality

The School of Tourism and Hospitality, has two departments, hosting a number of programmes such as Diploma in Tourism Management (KNEC), Diploma in Food and Beverage Management (KNEC), Certificate in Tour Guiding and Travel Operations (KNEC), Certificate in Food and Beverage Sales and Services(KNEC) Diploma and Certificate in Travel and Tourism (ICM), Diploma and Certificate in Hospitality Management, Baking and Pastry, Food and Beverage Production (Cookery), Food and Beverage Service, Housekeeping, Front Office. The school is at the fore-front in bridging training needs and gaps identified in Kenya Vision 2030, National Tourism Policy, and the Ministry of Tourism’s Strategic Plan with regard to the context of the nation’s tourism industry through knowledge, competencies and skills requisite in the management of the travel, tourism and hospitality sectors in Kenya. It aims at offering insights into the real-world problems and issues confronting the tourism industry and; the travel and tour operations, hotel & hospitality sectors, in particular, at the local, regional and international level.
The school also has competent faculty members who are all round in practical and theoretical areas of tourism and hospitality.Through innovative teaching and learning approaches, such as Tutorials, industry aligned exposure, globally mapped approach and qualified lecturers, the Departments within the school continue to: promote tourism, travel and hospitality research and development through practicals at Safari park Hotel, Dragon Fly Tour

School of Journalism and Media

* Diploma in Journalism (ICM)
* Certificate in Journalism (ICM)
* Diploma in Journalism and Media Studies
* Certificate in TV/Video Production (Internal)
* Diploma in TV/Video Production (Internal)
* Short courses: Camera Techniques, Video Editing, Photography

Welcome to the School of Journalism and Media at Mahanaim Educational Institute. The world today would have remained in optimum darkness if it were not for the various steps put forward by the media to inform and shed light on the daily occurrences, both locally and internationally. We therefore take pride in preparing right minded students for leadership careers in communications and media. This preparation is grounded in solid scholarship and an all rounded approach to education anchored in our philosophy derived from our Christian orientation and biblical teachings. We have talented,skilled and passionate personnel who are out to ensure excellence and success of the students in their faculties.
At Mahanaim College, it is our duty and practice to bridge the gap between theory and practice in training. For this, our students have practical training sessions at Good News Broadcasting System (GBS), a T.V station which partners with Mahanaim College to offer the best practical training and exposure tour students in their various fields. Through this, we have all the confidence in presenting our students to the job market and to the various organizations whose goals are in demand of such professionals.
We would like to invite you to visit us and explore the various opportunities of studies we have in the school of Journalism and Media at Mahanaim College, join us and experience the quality.

School of Music and Sports

Beyond the world of books there is a need for co-curricular development an important aspect of an individual. Mahanaim Educational Institute (College) music and sports department offer Tae kwon do and Piano lessons to facilitate holistic growth..

School of Language

Language is a sure bridge that connects one to diverse cultures and communities. With the world being a global city, it is rather obvious that any individual looking to be globally competitive should consider taking an extra language particularly the most widely spoken worldwide. The Mahanaim Educational Institute (College) Language department offers a wide variety of foreign languages namely Chinese, French, Korean and English. We not only deliver in the four skills of Language namely Writing, Speaking, Listening and Reading but we most importantly deliver the culture as a whole. This is made possible through the use of Professional Lecturers who are Native speakers in the respective Languages.As the Head of Department, I welcome you to not only study a Language but to come and experience diverse culture.