Message from the Principal

Message from the Principal

Dr. Ha Tae Hyun, Ph.D.
The Principal

Education in Kenya has taken turns and twists and several Education commissions have made recommendations which have made higher Education what it is today; Latest being the transition from 8-4-4 system of education to the current system of2-6-3-3-3. The demand for higher education increases by the day. In the past two years, the number of students meeting the university cutoff points has reduced drastically while the number of students who can join tertiary institutions has increased.

Education being one of the main pillar to Kenya’s achievement of Vision 2030, mind-shift on perception of tertiary education is very important. Technical colleges are not second class to universities. We should learn from advanced economies such as Germany that have had a successful system of technical training.

Mahanaim Educational Institute (MEI) is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education, through Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA/PRIVATE/TVC/0221/2016) to offer courses both in diploma and certificate levels. In MEI we instill a Godly mindset to our students so that they can be agents of change in Kenya, Africa and the rest of the world. Through our Motto; Challenge, Change and Cohesion, we encourage our students to view themselves as global leaders through challenging them to overcome their own personal limits. We also instill positive values that transform lives. We create cohesion by exposing them to a multicultural environment and enabling participation in exchange programs between youths from over 80 different countries all over the world.

We continue to improve our teaching, learning and research facilities so as to create the best environment for our students, such as a well equipped library, modern lecture halls, modern training radio studio for Journalism students, restaurant for Hospitality students, Computer laboratories for ICDL and Graphics students language laboratories among others.

MEI appreciates the value and the power of practicum. To ensure that the students identify with what is taught in class; MEI has forged collaborations with other institutions of higher learning and the industry at large. I welcome all who are looking forward to studying in a serene environment which offers the best opportunity for excellence in all scopes of life.