Mahanaim Educational Institute (College) values the need to measure the student’s knowledge, skills or aptitude by administering tests and examinations on regular basis. The Examination process is composed of Internal and External Examinations for examinable course-units. The internal tests/examinations are structured as follows:

- First Continuous Assessment Test (CAT 1)
- Second Continuous Assessment Test (CAT 2)
- Final Course-Unit Examination

Assessments contribute 40% to the student’s score for each of the course units. Therefore each of the exams contributes an equal share of 20% to the final score. The 40% mark contribution for each of these CATs is calculated from sit-in exams which contribute 20%. The rest of the 20% is earned from Tutorial Marks which is an average of at least four scores. The tutorial marks are obtained from group assignments and research projects.The final examination is conducted at the end of each semester, or after completion of the course unit. It contributes 60 % to the student’s final score for each examinable course unit. From the above breakdown, it is clearly evident that Mahanaim Educational Institute (College) values teamwork and strives to nurture team-players. The teamwork score contributes 40% of the student’s final score for each unit. The rest of the 60% is left for the individual effort of the student through the sit-in and final exams. The internal exam results are used for issuance of internal certificates and transcripts.
The Final Examinations are given as stipulated by the external examining bodies, i.e. Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC). The external examinations contribute to about 70% of the student’s total score for qualification of a certificate issued by the examining body.if a student fails to attain a PASS and above for any unit For the internal exams, then the student is required to re-sit for the examination for that particular unit. If the student fails to attain a pass on the re-sit examination, then the student is required to re-take classes for that particular unit, in addition to units that they are studying at their current level, and eventually sit for the cats and final exams for those units.