Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar 2019

18th Jan 2019Orientation
9th – 11th Jan 2019Workshop
214th – 18th Jan 2019LESSONS
321st – 25th Jan 2019LESSONS
 28th Jan 2019Start of Payment and booking of July 2019 KNEC examinations
428th Jan – 1st Feb 2019LESSONS
54th – 8th Feb 2019LESSONS
611th – 15th Feb 2019CAT I (Take away)
718th – 22nd Feb 2019LESSONS
825th Feb – 1st March 2019LESSONS
94th – 8th March 2019REVISION
 8th March 2019Deadline for Payment and booking of July 2019 KNEC examinations
1011th – 15th March 2019End of Semester Exams
 15th March 2019MAHANAIM DAY
119th March 2019 Orientation
 20th – 22nd March 2019Workshop
225th – 29th  March 2019LESSONS
31st – 5th April 2019LESSONS
48th – 12th April 2019LESSONS
515th – 18th April 2019CAT I (Take away)
 19th – 22nd April 2019EASTER RETREAT
623rd April – 26th May 2019LESSONS
729th April – 3rd May 2019LESSONS
86th – 10th May 2019CAT II (Sit-in)
913th – 17th May 2019LESSONS
1020th – 24th May 2019LESSONS
1127th – 31st May 2019LESSONS
123rd – 7th June 2019REVISION
 10th June 2019Start of Payment and booking for November 2019 KNEC examinations
1310th – 14th June 2019End of Semester Exams
 14th June 2019MAHANAIM DAY
118th June 2019Orientation
19th – 21th June 2019Workshop
224th – 28th June 2019LESSONS
31st – 5th July 2019LESSONS
48th – 12th July 2019CAT I  (Take away)
 12th JULY 2019Deadline for Payment and booking of November 2019 KNEC examination
515th – 19th July 2019LESSONS
622nd – 26th July 2019LESSONS
729th JULY – 2nd Aug 2019CAT II (Sit-in)
85th – 9th August 2019Co-curricular Activity
912th – 16th August 2019LESSONS
1019th – 23th August 2019LESSONS
1126th – 30th August 2019LESSONS
122nd – 6th Sept 2019REVISION
139th – 13th Sept 2019End of Semester Exams
 13th September 2019MAHANAIM DAY
117th September 2019Orientation
18th – 20th September 2019Workshop
223rd  – 27th Sept 2019LESSONS
330th Sept –  4th October 2019LESSONS
47th – 11th October 2019CAT I (Take away)
514th – 18th October 2019LESSONS
621st – 25th October 2019LESSONS
728th Oct – 1st Nov 2019LESSONS
84th – 8th November 2019CAT II (Sit-in)
911th – 15th November 2019LESSONS
1018th – 22nd November 2019LESSONS
1125th – 29th November 2019LESSONS
122nd – 9th December 2019REVISION
1310th – 11th December 2019End of Semester Exams
 12th – 16th December 2019RETREAT
1417th – 19th December 2019End of Semester Exams