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Welcome to Mahanaim Educational Institute (College)


Mahanaim Educational Institute(College) is an academic institution registration by the Ministry of Education and based in Nairobi Kenya. We offer quality training to our graduates amalgamated with spiritual nourishment through bible Study. We offer diploma, certificate and refresher courses in various professional fields namely Diploma in ICT, Certificate in IT, ICDL, Diploma in Tourism Management,Certificate in Tour Guiding and Travel Operations, Diploma in Journalism, Certificate in Journalism, Diploma in Journalism & Media Studies, Chinese, English, Korean Tae Kwon Do amongst other courses.Our exam bodies are KNEC, ICDL, ICM, HSK,Internal Exams and other international exam bodies. Join us and be empowered with international standards.


To nurture global leaders with a Godly mindset, who will effect positive change in their communities and the world at large.


The mission of MEI is to be a Christian Institution that teaches students the wisdom of God hence cultivating them to become the global leaders. In addition to its commitment of nurturing global leaders, the administration and faculties at MEI will achieve these ends through quality instruction, scholarships, spiritual guidance, student development, service to the community and development of talents fit for its goals in higher education and research. We are taking steps with the faith that God is helping us. We believe God will greatly strengthen MEI to become an institute that serves as a world mission centre and a source of leaders in this era of globalization. Students at Mahanaim will experience an academic and spiritual growth that empowers them to create a more peaceful, blessed and beautiful world based on Godly principles.


Mahanaim Educational Institute (College) philosophies are based on utilizing the true word and knowledge of the heart that is manifested in the Bible. Through this methodology many students have amazingly acquired progressive and healthy mindsets while evolving into more effective individuals. We have discovered with assurance how people such as Abraham Lincoln and biblical figures such as Joseph and David gained wisdom from the word of God. We have employed education methodologies that will produce leaders for the next generation who will become catalysts of peace and bliss in the society.

Why Study at MEI

Your guide to getting started as a new student.

Mahanaim Educational Institute (College) is a unique academic institution in Kenya. It offers a combination of Courses that prepares students for both Kenya and international job market as well as nurture their spiritual needs. Whether you want to learn Chinese,Korean, French , Tae Kwon Do while in Kenya, IT Courses, Hospitality and Tourism and Journalism courses. Mahanaim is the place to be. We offer partial scholarships to selected students and cheap tuition packages on our courses. Our teaching approach is based on international standards and we offer the following;

Self Driven Study (SDS)

MEI being an international institution of higher learning endeavors to apply the highest possible international learning standards. In line with our vision to train global leaders, we understand the essence of research and extensive reading. Through the Self Driven Study (SDS) we have completely moved from the traditional lecture method mode of content delivery.
The SDS fully involves students in the learning process where they undertake research on various topics under the guidance of the respective lecturers and make presentations in class. In addition, students sit for Progressive Assessment Tests (PATs) and they are made to read a book and make summary essays for each unit taken by per semester.

Tutorial Learning Approach

Tutorials have been the main teaching system in internationally recognized universities. Students have oral communication directly with the lecturers where they communicate, defend, analyze and critique the ideas of others as well as their own conversation with their tutors. The faculties aim at mentoring students both in their daily lives and in their academic development.

Social Participation

MEI is a sister organisation to both the Good News Broadcasting System (GBS TV) and the International Youth Fellowship (IYF). MEI is also under the Good News Mission Church, MEI students therefore have a good opportunity of participating in several co-curricular activities such as International World Camps, Volunteer duties, Youth forums and Mind lectures.

Admission Procedure


This is to notify all students joining Mahanaim College that effective March 2019; the following procedures will apply in regards to application and the subsequent admission to the college:

Enquiries Open
  • Receive guidance from the Customer Care desk
Registration /Application Ongoing
  • Receive fees structure for the respective course & bank details.
  • Pay Registration Fee of at least Ksh. 2,000 to the bank
  • Present a receipt from Equity Bank showing all details of the student
  • Receive an Application Form
Return the Application Form On or before 19th March 2019
  • Return fully filled Application Form
  • Attach all documents i.e. 3 pass port photos, copy of ID or Birth certificate & result slip/academic certificate.
  • Clear the remaining Registration Requirement Fee.
  • All Registration requirement fee should be paid and documents received by 19th March 2019.
  • Strictly no student will be allowed in class before submitting Registration Requirements & paying the Registration fee
Verification of Documents Instant
  • The Admissions Officer receives and verifies all documents.
Signing and Acceptance On or before 19th March 2019
  • The Head of Department (HoD) verifies all documents and signs the Application Form.
Receive Certificate of Acceptance Within 10 days upon Verification.
  • Student receives a Certificate of Acceptance
100% Fee Payment Before Classes commence(19th March 2019)
  • The student submits a bank slip of 100% fee.


  • All students joining after 19th March 2019 should clear up to 100% of the fee before joining classes.
  • For more clarification, please contact the Admissions Officer.

Strategic Objectives

Our guiding secondary objectives are as follows


Mahanaim Educational Institute (College) main goal is to nurture global leaders with a Godly mindset, who will effect positive change in their communities and the world at large. Our main objective is to equip our students with skills and knowledge on various professional fields as well as nurture the their personality. Our guiding secondary objectives are as follows.

  • To train graduates in different professional fields.
  • Develop competent professional graduates in education, training and management.
  • To create a management framework that will enable the institution deliver on its goals of becoming a premier institution in training and developing professionals.