Victor Leteipa

Academics and Spiritual Life
Mahanaim Educational Institute has been a springboard in my life. I joined here in January 2014 and by the Grace of God I was given a scholarship which enabled me to pursue Diploma in Tourism management. I did not only grow academically but also spiritually where I received the true salvation which in turn, gave me a turning point in my spiritual life.

Mindset and Job Placement
I underwent Bible classes and mindset programmes which taught me how to bend my heart and embrace challenges in life. And to top it all, I got a job placement even before completing my studies, in the same Institution.

Mahanaim nurtured my leadership skills through the student body – Mahanaim Educational Institute Student Association (MEISA), where I served as the vice president. I became a confident individual with leadership skills and a godly mindset.

I really thank Mahanaim College a great deal for bringing hope to my life.

I wish that you will come to Mahanaim and experience this great change.